About Us

MTD Sports is a team of former Division I & II college athletes who are passionate about connecting the world of business and sports. To be able to give back to the sports that gave us so much is truly an honor. Coaches help players reach their full potential, we do the same for your business or organization. Whether you’re an athlete, a team, a service, or a business trying to connect closer to the athletic-community… MTD Sports is here for you.

What is MTD Sports?

MTD Marketing has headquarters in Tampa, FL, and services small to large-sized businesses across the U.S.

MTD Marketing is the leader in proven marketing strategies developed by our expert consultants. We operate on a relationship focused and result-driven approach, which can typically be costly and time consuming for business owners. MTD Marketing helps the industries we serve to increase revenue and optimize advertising costs using proven and effective strategies. We work with businesses to learn, transform, and foster growth opportunities through brand recognition and streamlining the customer journey.

We are More Than Digital.

The Core Values That Power MTD

More Than Digital

100% Results Driven

Informed Decisions

Our Team

Alex Demarco

CEO & Founder

Dylan Delahoz

Content Manager

Ashton Manolian

Social Media Manager