About Us

MTD Marketing is More Than Digital. We pair our expert creative team with profit-centric marketing strategies to ensure your business is maximizing its potential and especially ensuring your return on marketing investment.

What Does MTD Stand For?

MTD Marketing was founded in 2018, MTD stands for "More Than Digital". We are unlike any other Marketing Agency because we take a unique results-driven, proven-effective approach. We are NOT a specific platform re-seller, focusing on selling one product. We are NOT just a company that makes pretty videos and designs but really cannot tell you what to do with them...​

We ARE a company who invests in strategy and state-of-the-art platforms. We ARE a company who truly gets to know YOU, YOUR BUSINESS, and WHAT YOU ARE DOING, so that we can bring to you an effective, cohesive strategy that maximizes your money, time, and resources.

We believe in an omni-channel, balanced strategy that gives you the biggest BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! We will work with you on the side to make sure you understand the tools that are out there that can help you and your team maximize the campaigns we run, and ultimately be true partners in helping you achieve growth.

The Core Values That Power MTD

More Than Digital

100% Results Driven

Informed Decisions

Our Team

Alex Demarco

CEO & Founder

Melanie Bruno

Marketing Consultant

Dylan Delahoz

Content Manager

Autumn Hanson

Social Media Manager

Hunter Moran

Operations Manager